12 October, 2014

Compared to What?

Good is only good by comparison.  That means that the only way you know a performance is good…is by comparing it to something else (and that can be a target your set, a competitor’s performance, an industry benchmark, etc. etc.) So, what are your team’s comparisons?  In other words, when your people say something is good…your response could be “Compared to What?”. Too many teams never reach their potential, and most of the time it is because they set comparisons (targets) that could be met without needing to tap into their true potential.  How are your team’s comparisons?

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11 October, 2014

One Step or Two Step People

Your communications skills are what power your success, especially as you climb the ladder in your career. At every level, you will encounter two types of people.  One type is people who take information in quickly, have the ability to process it, and take a decision quickly too.  However, there is a second type who may take in information slow (or sometimes even fast too), but always think they need time to “sleep on it” until they feel comfortable making a decision.


It is very difficult to force the two step people to skip a step and take informaton in, process it, and decide in just one meeting.  For the two step people, it is important to allow a little extra time for them to go through their comfortable two step process.  It takes a little more upfront thinking on your part, and a little extra time; but isn´t your goal to get a decision!…and isn´t a little extra time then worth it?

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